OWL COFFEE CO. is a Coffee Roaster And Brewers Company.

that serves third wave coffee. how we reach the third wave of coffee?

will the ● first wave starts by companies like Nestle and Maxwell house, by treating coffee to be dissolvable for an instant coffee in a can, this wave kills the pure characteristics of coffee beans to make it easier for storing and packing, this make coffee taste lean to be bitter and weak tasting. which make the way to the second wave coffee through, ● second wave coffee started by companies like Starbucks and pet's to get a higher quality and to educate people about different type of coffee beans and roasting types, but those companies concentrated there effort to make coffee better tasting by add on artificial flavors and milk, so they go for dark roasted coffee beans so the coffee taste can survive the added flavors, which make the way to third wave coffee through, ● third wave coffee started in the USA by companies like Blue bottle and stumptown which put a lot of researching and effort to get the best quality of green coffee beans directly from farmers and roasted it locally within a duration of 5 days to 25 days from roasting life time, which gives the full characteristic profile of every single coffee origin , in a nutshell they treated coffee as a living organism. BUT for the higher quality comes the expensive prices, so you become on a hard choose, to go for a good quality and cheap price in second wave coffee, or great quality with expensive prices in third wave coffee.

○●○ then here where OWL Coffee Co. role in the Egyptian coffee market comes, we solve the second and third wave coffee Dilma, by serving the great quality cup of coffee with a blow average prices, by importing the best quality of green coffee beans our self directly from farmers around world , then roasting it locally in egypt, to get the best characteristics of every single origin by consuming our products within the range of 5 days to 25 days max from roasting date.

Enjoy the third wave coffee

With OWL Coffee Company.